Act 4 Scene 1

Updated: 5/13/2020
Act 4 Scene 1

Storyboard Text

  • Lepidis' brother must die as well. We will be in the capitol when you return Lepudis.
  • The names marked here, are the ones that must die; go get Caesar's will Lepidis.
  • Your sister's son must die too then Antony.
  • You thought it made sense, and you listened to him about who should be marked to die in these harsh death sentences.
  • Once he’s carried our treasure where we want it, we’ll free him of the load and turn him loose
  • You can do what you want, but he’s an experienced and honorable soldier.
  • Brutus and Cassius are raising armies. We have to raise our own immediately. We should combine forces.
  • lets immediately organize a council to discuss the best way to find out their secrets and the safest way to confront the threats were already faced with
  • lets do that, because were hemmed in by many enemies. and even some of the people who smile at us are in fact plotting against us im afraid