Import Tariffs effects on the North and and the South

Updated: 8/26/2020
Import Tariffs effects on the North and and the South

Storyboard Text

  • Laws Updating Soon
  • I didn't know that actually. Well that could really come in hand for us northerners.
  • You know these new laws and policies could help with the manufacturing industry grow.
  • Have you heard about the new tariffs
  • Yeah,I have and you know that we are the ones that are probably going ti have to pay those right.
  • Alright hurry up and get the cargo on up here we have more stops to make.
  • Northerners supported tariffs as it would make consumers likely to buy goods domestically.
  • Hey do know if the shipping's from Britain are going to be taxed or not.
  • I don't if they are going to or not but if they are then Britain is most likely about to taxes on the shipping's coming from south
  • Southerners opposed support tariffs as they were consumer of manufactured goods and did not benefit from the higher paying taxes.
  • The Norths manufacturing was a large part of their economy and since consumers would like buy being them more if tariffs was raised they supported.
  • Southerners were worried if tariffs was placed on goods from Great Britain they would retaliate and put it on Souths cotton which would make it harder to sale.