computing skills

Updated: 9/13/2020
computing skills

Storyboard Text

  • I love my computer, but, How were they on the past?What is their history?
  • I know who knowS, GRANTHMA!
  • Grantham, Do you know the history of computers?
  • yesssss
  • 1964-1971
  • yes , of course, would you like me to tell you the story?
  • The first generation of computers "Vacuum Tubes computers" went from1946-1950
  • 1946 - 1950
  • this computer weighed 30 tons, and had 18,000 vacuum tubes which were used for processing, and they could only solve one problem at a time.
  • woow, unbelievable
  • 1956-1963
  • Transistors replaced vacuum tubes, computers to become smaller, faster, cheaper.
  • Now, from 1956-1963 is the second generation "transistors computers"
  • From 1964-1971, the third generation was known as Integrated Circuits
  • this had rough keyboards and monitors and interfaced with an operating system, which allowed running many different applications at once