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Updated: 10/31/2019
Unknown Story
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  • OMG! Shawn Mendes just emailed me a link to FREE tickets to his concert. All I have to do is download the tickets!
  • Boodoobeep!
  • what happened you banchi
  • You just got a socially engineered Trojan. Trojan cyber attacks are a form of malware which can be destructive or data can be stolen. Trojan malware cannot replicate itself, which makes it very different from a normal virus. It has other tactics to infect a user’s files or applications. Trojan malware is very popular and is used to open back doors, send data to another attacker, and download other viruses on a device.
  • What is that?
  • Social engineering is a way of manipulating a user into thinking they are doing a harmless task. For example, an email with a link, that once clicked downloads malware. The name Trojan comes from the attack on Troy where the Greeks hid inside the Trojan horse and pretended it was a gift, however, it was actually an attack. Trojan malware is very similar to this trick.
  • How do I get rid of it? And how to I stop from getting them in the future?
  • Never open suspicious emails from suspicious sources.Multi-factor authentication Don’t accept “tempting offers.”Update the antivirus softwareDon't download anything suspicious
  • You need to learn to think logically before opening things, especially on devices!!
  • What do I do now???
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