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Theseus and Medusa
Updated: 5/23/2020
Theseus and Medusa
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Storyboard Description

This is a well-known myth about Theseus and Medusa!

Storyboard Text

  • Once there was a princess who was the daughter of the King.But the king believed that she would have a child and her child would be a danger to the kingdom.
  • She was trapped in the tower because of her father, until one day a god saw her and was in love with her.They had a child secretly without the king knowing.
  • She was sent away because her father found out she had a baby and thought it would be a danger to the kingdom
  • Oh No,my baby you shouldn't have gone through something like this !
  • Mom it's fine!I'm the son of Zeus!
  • Until on kind man took them to his land which was far, far away. Theseus, the little boy grew until he was a fine man.But one day there was a problem, the king of that kingdom wanted to marry Perseus's mother. Perseus didn't let the king marry his mother.The king was angry so he sent Perseus to bring the head of Medusa and he will let Perseus's mother go. Perseus accepted the challenge.
  • Perseus don't Medusa is the worst.You aren't trained enough.
  • He set on his journey and Zeus saw him and told the god of Messenger to stop him.But Perseus didn't stop until he came to the reached the three grey woman who just wanted gold.Perseus handed them some gold and they helped him.They let him chose between weapons or advice.And Perseus chose weapons.He went to Medusa and faught with her he lost because he wasn't prepared then his father appeared and said to get some more advice.So he did.
  • He went back to the gray people and stole their eyeball to make them tell him the advice.They told him advice and he did them.He also got some weapons from the gods.
  • He killed Medusa then saved his mom.Saw his dad and lived happily ever after
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