The Alchemist

Updated: 9/10/2020
The Alchemist

Storyboard Text

  • woayr owoeig&6(&& ^#*(1!!!!!!(He's a thief!!)
  • I keep having these dreams, but I don't know what they mean.
  • I'll help you, just give me all your money and don't talk to that good bartender guy
  • Tell me what my dream means please
  • Whatever, I don't need you anyways
  • Yes, you may work for me, but you'll never get to egypt, just give up.
  • Only if you make me rich
  • Ok, I will give you 1/10 of my sheep.
  • Book
  • Everything is hopeless
  • Ok, I will give you the money you've earned to buy sheep (what a weirdo)
  • I will give you two stones, but you have to give me some sheep, now go to egypt.
  • I have money but i can't understand anyone!
  • Can I work for you? I got robbed and I need money to get to egypt because an old man told me to.
  • Crystal Shop
  • I changed my mind, I want money to buy some sheep