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Updated: 3/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Holy cheese and crackers! What in the name of the planet are you doing!?
  • Nanya?
  • *sigh. Consuming things like alcohol and chewing tobacco isn’t good for you!
  • Nanya.
  • Nanya Business!
  • Do you even know what drugs do?
  • Ya man. They help me. They are the best stress relievers that humanity ever created!
  • They are NOT the best, and are NOT to be used as stress relievers!
  • Whaddaya mean!?
  • Nothing, except that they can cause blackouts, diseases, depression-
  • Ya, that’s why I’m inhaling them!
  • Hahahahaha! Nice one!!
  • Inhaling the gases inside an empty bottle of whipping cream can cause serious problems! Drugs can even damage both your heart and brain!
  • Most drugs are inhaled, like vapes, cigarettes and inhalants, and those can ruin your lungs! For Pete’s sake, does popcorn lung not scare you!?
  • Yeah, but can inhaling whipping cream really cause a disease?
  • Rehabilitation is always an option for any drug.
  • But I'm too poor to afford rehab. I got these drugs from a drug dealer. Guess I'll have to continue with tehse drugs.
  • *Cough, cough.Okay, i believe you, but what can I do?
  • Don't worry, because I'll pay for it.