The Great Gatsby Storyboard
Updated: 6/4/2020
The Great Gatsby Storyboard
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  • C2: Nick meets Myrtle
  • C3: Gatsby's Party
  • C4: Nick & Mr. Wolfshiem
  • Tom introduces Nick to his mistress, Myrtle Wilson. He takes them both to New York City to go to their apartment. As Myrtle and Tom were talking, she mentions his wife which angered Tom and he "broke her nose with his open hand" (Fitzgerald 41).
  • C5: Daisy & Gatsby Reunion
  • Nick has received an invite to his neighbor, Jay Gatsby's party. He sees one of Daisy's friends, Jordan and hangs with her. As Jordan and Nick were enjoying the glamorous party, rumors were spread about Gatsby such things like "he was a Germany spy during the war" (Fitzgerald 48).
  • C7: Tom vs Gatsby
  • Your wife doesn't love you!
  • You're crazy!
  • Gatsby took Nick to a speakeasy because Nick was very curious of Gatsby's lifestyle. While at the speakeasy, they ran into a colleague of Gatsby, Mr. Wolfshiem. When Gatsby had to take a call, Wolfshiem was describing how great Gatsby was by saying he's a "perfect gentleman" (Fitzgerald 77).
  • C8: Gatsby's Assassination
  • Nick was told by Jordan to arrange a meeting with Daisy and Gatsby. At first, Gatsby was very anxious to meet Daisy because he hasn't seen her in almost "five years" (Fitzgerald 93). When time came by, Daisy and Gatsby talked to each other which Gatsby "literally glowed" (Fitzgerald 95).
  • Tom had strange feelings about Daisy and Gatsby's relationship. He confronts Gatsby about the situation which later caused an argument. As they were insulting each other back and forth, Gatsby described his past relationship with Daisy and that she "doesn't love" Tom (Fitzgerald 139).
  • Mr. Wilson believed the killer of his wife was Gatsby. He didn't know that Daisy was actually driving the vehicle. As Gatsby was going inside the pool, Gatsby's chauffeur "heard the shots" which made him alert the people in the house (Fitzgerald 172).
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