Plymouth rock Story Board

Updated: 10/29/2020
Plymouth rock Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • Pilgrims Leaving the Church of England
  • Me and my family are living these place
  • I'm coming with you guys.
  • On the Mayflower to Plymouth
  • Why do we have to go on this trip
  • Mayflower Compact
  • They are asking people if they would like to go with them to the New World.
  • The First Winter
  • Me and my family need food or we are all going to die
  • They are crying because of all the smell and how much little space they have. They were on the Mayflower for around 6 to 8 months.
  • Squanto helps the Pilgrams
  • Ok thank you so much
  • They sign the Mayflower Compact becuase they landed in Massachetts other than New York. The Mayflower compact was to ensure a functioning social structure prevail.
  • The "First Thanksgiving"
  • They are going through a tough, difficult winter in Massachusetts. About 45 of 102 people died during the First Winter.
  • Squanto is helping the Pilgrims learn how to grow their own food
  • I well help you learn how to grow food
  • They are celebrating their differences.
  • Wow! All these food look really good