jasmines storyboard
Updated: 4/2/2021
jasmines storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • two groups at war
  • before;bloody sunday
  • shows workers against police
  • during;february revolution
  • workers on strike
  • Russia and Japan were fighting for control of Korea and Manchuria, which eventually broke out into war after a series of peace agreements. Japan defeated Russia.
  • during;civil war
  • When workers approached the Czar in hopes of better living conditions, Nicholas II generals and police men killed 500 to 1000 of them. They named the event Bloody Sunday.
  • after;red terror
  • Almost all workers in the petrograd went on a strike angered over foot shortages. Czar Nicholas II responded by dizzolving the Duma, which then created the provisional government.
  • after;new economic policy
  • new policies
  • The people were promised democratic elections. Only 25% of the elected leaders were Bolsheviks. Vladimir Lenin refused to give up power which sent russia into a three year long civil war.
  • battlefield
  • The communitists made sure they stayed in power by arresting anyone who were against the revolution. Around 300,000 people were executed, as police were permitted to. Which included the czar and his family.
  • empty chairs where people once were
  • Lenin replaced the war communism with the New Economic Policy. Which kept many main industries under government control but other businesses could be privately owned. And Farm product now had no harsh policys.