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Updated: 2/20/2020
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  • The French and Indian War
  • No don't!!!!
  • Get them!
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • This is the Proclamation For the colonists in North America
  • Sugar Act
  • This is outrageous!!! Just because people were illegally trading
  • This is just more money for the crown
  • The French and Indian War was a war between the French and the British. The causes were that the French started to settle in the Ohio Valley and the British did not like that. The effects were the British went broke, but they did get way more land and the French lost all the land.
  • Stamp Act
  • I will not pay these taxes
  • The Proclamation of 1763 was a law that King George the third made when the war was over. Since Indians kept attacking and he didn't want another war. So he made the Proclamation and it said colonists could not go to the west of the Appalachian Mt, but the colonists did not care and ignored the whole thing.
  • Quartering Act
  • The Sugar Act was a law that King George the third made that stopped people from smuggling or trading illegally goods. It also helped the Crown to get out of debt. The effects of this law were sugar, lumber, and iron were effected and the colonists did not like that the money was just going to the crown.
  • Forming of the Sons and Liberty
  • The Stamp Act was a tax that king George the third made because England needed to get out of debt because of the French and Indian war. When the king announced this the colonists were not happy and protested. They even burned down a stand.
  • This is not fair!!!
  • The Quartering Act was a law that king George the third made. It was a law that the colonists would have to let the soldiers come and stay with them. This meant the colonists would have to pay for these soldiers and the cost was high. The colonists did not like this and refused to pay for these troops.
  • This is where you guys will be staying
  • The Sons of Liberty was a secret political group organization in the American colonists. The Sons of Liberty formed when the British started to make unfair laws and taxes. The Sons of liberty would have secret meetings about what they were going to do like protests, burn something, hurt someone etc.
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