Updated: 12/16/2020

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  • Discussion between Westinghouse and Tesla
  • Yes,for sure. It has innumerable advantages. We are going to be in the limelight soon.
  • I wonder why Edison didn't invest on you. I am happy that you came to me. AC motor is something about which I have been dreaming of ...for so many days. It is going to be revolutionary.
  • Anytime!!..It is going to be a cakewalk for me..My dream is gonna come true..yay!
  • So..then..when can I expect the first AC motor?
  • The growth of ac current was totally hated by Edison
  • Ah! This tesla and Westinghouse are trying to disprove my dc current! Never! I will prove AC current is dangerous to people.
  • He financed an electric chair that used ac source and used it to prove how ac could electrocute people. He even began to torture animals by electrocuting them
  • However, this didn't seem to discredit Tesla and Westinghouse. During 1893 Chicago's world’s fair alternating current was put to use in this fair and was successful.
  • Wow!!!This is amazing!
  • It is AC Current.Its done by Tesla & Westinghouse
  • We thought you are a neophyte but you proved to be erudite
  • Hahaha ...Thank you!
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