Updated: 2/24/2021

Storyboard Text

  • In this picture you can see that the dog can blend in with the environment and can hunt while being not spotted by prey.
  • In this picture a volcano erupt and now the dogs have changed to having black far because they blend in and can hide from pretorters and can not be spotted easily by prey while hunting.
  • In this picture you can see that the dog has changed back to blonde far to blende in with the environment
  • In the picture the dogs have mutated to having webbed feet because a Suriname hit and they needed to swim better to survive because the ones with out webbed feet would die to sharks. They all so swam to another island.
  • In this picture the picture the dogs have brown far to blende in and claws so they can climb the rocks the ones with out claws died because they could not run from predators.
  • In this picture the dog mutated to be smaller and faster to run faster in the canyons and valley after the drought happened.