Abuela Invents the Zero Storyboard

Updated: 10/15/2020
Abuela Invents the Zero Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Abuela Invents the ZeroStoryboardAuthor:Plot map by: Quinton Brown5th Period Red Group
  • Introduction:Constancia complains about her grandma coming to visit, saying that the dirty slush of the city is not worth a ticket.Her mother insists that she be respectful to her grandmother. Constancia ignores this however, and she dislikes how her near future presents itself.
  • Rising Action: Constancia finds out that she will have to go to mass with her grandmother. She dislikes this new development and decides that she will disassociate herself with her grandmother.
  • Climax:Constancia cannot remember the rest of mass other than her grandmother getting laughed as Constancia becomes embarrassed. Her grandmother doesn't talk to Constancia on the way to the car after.
  • Falling Action:Constancia returns home, and her grandmother does not say anything, until she tells Constancia that she made her feel like nothing.
  • Conclusion:Constancia's mother tells her to go to her room after her Abuela is sent to hers. Before constancia goes to her room, her mother scolds her saying that she should think about her actions.