Reunifying China
Updated: 1/15/2020
Reunifying China
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  • The emperor of the Han dynasty is nervous about his troops failing and losing the wars. The leader of defense is trying to explain it's not looking so good without the government.
  • How are we doing? How are our troops?
  • Emperor... 3 of our groups have failed without the government and the rebellion is getting worse. We can't keep defending ourselves much longer.
  • There are two peasants here talking about how other peasants what to convert to another religion because they want to be equal. Both agree they are going to change and follow a new religion which also could mean a new emperor.
  • Everyone is changing to Daoism. I'm going to now. I just want to focus on the nature. What do you think?
  • I agree with you. I don't want to live under this anymore. I'm converting to Daoism.
  • These people are apart of the upper class who collabroate with the ruler. They are arguing about their loyaltly to the emperor. This causes people to fight with one another and gain power for themsevles instead of the country.
  • I can't believe your going to war to get more power for yourself and not helping the emperor.
  • Everyone is doing the same thing. We're done with this kingdom. Its dying and we want power.
  • This is General Taizu. He has just gained power over the throne. The kingdoms had a strong defense until he notices the northern kingdom has just been destroyed. He continues to talk to himself to figure out what needs to happen.
  • We have to protect the southern kingdom even more. We can't let it be conquered.
  • This is Li Bo. Li Bo was a well-known poet back then who was recognized for encouraging the love of nature. He was inspired by living in harmony and to live life to the fullest. Li Bo expressed his feelings through potery.
  • Still the same rebellions. Why can't people just make peace and except each other?
  • In this picture there are two students and one teacher in a classroom taking a civil service exam. THe civil service exam is going to determine the studentd' jobs.
  • What did you get on #3?
  • A... What about #4?
  • SHHH!!!
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