indus river valley
Updated: 2/10/2021
indus river valley

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome totheindus river valley
  • Our homes are very modern and are made of mud brick, they are very sturdy and strong and all different shapes and sizes. And since it is so hot here we sit on our roofs. our homes are sturdy and strong so they can with stand any weather
  • For our trade we use ships to sale across the sea to trade. and we use oxen to pull a wagon of our trading items on land.
  • Our bathrooms are very clean and nice because people come and clean the every day. so if you love tighty bathrooms this is the place for you
  • these are our sewers we need the sewers to help drain the water from are bathrooms. people come and empty the water from the sewers so it doesn't over flow
  • This is the Great Bath, the great bath is apart of are religion. because we had similar beliefs on purity