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  • Brailing wanted
  • In the meantime another gentleman will be in Rio after ten years of waiting.
  • Brailing however
  • “I’m afraid you don’t understand. I think—I’m in love with her.”
  • Brailing therefore
  • A metalfirm grip seized his wrists. “Don’t run!”
  • Brailing gets a Marrionnete so he can go to rio.
  • Smith wanted
  • Braling two falls in love with Brailings wife.
  • Smith However
  • Brailing was killed by Brailing two
  • Smith therfore
  • “Nettie, Nettie!” he cried. “What’ve you done with my money!” pg.241
  • Smith wanted to get away from his wife. So he was planning to get a marionette.
  • “Can you tell me where I can get one, a robot, a marionette, for myself? pg.238
  • He realized that his wife already had a marrionette. And was using it.
  • “Nettie!” he cried. Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick. pg. 241
  • There was not enough money for his own because his wife spent it.
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