The Great Gatsby Storyboard

Updated: 5/12/2020
The Great Gatsby Storyboard

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  • The Conflict WithinThe Great Gatsby
  • By: Maddy Sal
  • Man VS. HimselfGatsby VS. Himself
  • You should run away with her to the wealthiest place in the world.
  • Gatsby struggles internally with seperating illusion from reality.
  • Are you crazy? She's married.
  • Man VS. Man
  • In this cell, the man on the steps confronts Gatsby over actions that had a significant impact on him. This scene causes a major conflict between the two men, which greatly impacts the novel.
  • You ruined my life! This is payback!
  • Wha-
  • Man VS. NatureGatsby VS. Fog
  • Did Daisy leave town?
  • Because of the fog, Gatsby is unable to see the green light. Therefore, he becomes extremely stressed and concerned.
  • Law:
  • Um. Yeah...
  • Man VS. SocietyGatsby VS. NY citizens
  • The society surrounding Gatsby is able to achieve the American Dream. Gatsby feels pressure to match their wealth and class, but he is unable because it is suggested that he makes his money illegally,
  • The American Dream. Isn't it great?
  • We are all richer than rich.
  • And we all make our money the honest way.
  • END