Russian Revolution
Updated: 4/2/2021
Russian Revolution

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  • Before: Life Under Nicholas II
  • It's a miracle our son has survived this long!
  • During: February Revolution
  • Government is bad!
  • We're going to die
  • After: Red Terror
  • While many factories and railways were being built, farmers and other peasants suffered to provide for their families.
  • Before: Russo-Japanese War
  • Russian peasants and working class people protested the rule of Czar Nicholas II and his involvement in WWI. He then abdicated the throne after the death of many citizens.
  • During: October Revolution
  • The Bolshevik secret police arrested and executed thousands of Russians after an attempt on Lenin's life.
  • After: New Economic Policy
  • Russian leaders hoped to take control of Manchuria, while Japanese leaders hoped to take control of Korea. Japan ultimately won, embarrassing Russia.
  • We just want to trade!
  • Although the czar had stepped down, working class people were still unhappy with the capitalistic society. The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, protested the provisional government.
  • I am Lenin and I love communism!