Updated: 3/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • #1 Overproduction
  • #2 Variation
  • #3 Environment
  • The gorillas overpopulated with a balance of short-armed and normal armed gorillas
  • #4 Struggle
  • The gorillas have two kinds of arms one have short arms and the other has normal arms
  • #5 Selection
  • They live in a forest with leopards and the leopards eat gorillas
  • #6 Differential Reprodution
  • The gorillas with short arms are dying because they can't defend themselves as well as the other gorillas can
  • The short-armed gorillas start dying and there were more normal gorillas then before
  • Eventually the gorilla mostly have normals arms but there are still one or two short-armed gorillas left in the troop