Greek God Project Alex Rocha
Updated: 3/12/2020
Greek God Project Alex Rocha
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  • Odysseus
  • Poseidon
  • Telemachus
  • 1) Strength, Courage, and Leadership.2) "Have we never been in danger before this? Did I not keep my nerve, and use my wits to find a way out for us?"3) Odysseus learned that sometimes getting caught up in yourself thinking that your the best sometimes isn't always the right choice. He chose to stay and see the cyclops instead of leaving.
  • Zeus
  • 1) Vengeful, angry, and gets upset very easily.2) "My goal is not to kill you. You must understand."3) Poseidon teaches Odysseus humility and respect for the gods.
  • Athena
  • 1) Courage, Young, and kind hearted.2) "Why deny our devoted bard the chance to entertain us any way the spirit stirs him on?"3) Telemachus learned to stick up for himself and his mom in front of the suitors.
  • Penelope
  • 1) Leader, Powerful, and Wise. 2) "Ah how shameless the way these mortals blame the gods."3) Zeus taught Odysseus that being a rebel and doing things your not supposed to always have consequences.
  • 1) Kind hearted, Wise, and Friendly. 2) But my heart breaks for Odysseus, That seasoned veteran cursed by fate so long Far from his loved ones still, he suffers torments."3) Athena taught Odysseus that he should not give up and keep fighting to get back home.
  • 1) Positivity, Loyalty, and Patience.2) "Three whole years. I decieved them blind, seduced them with his scheme."3) Penelope is taught that being patient and loyal will pay back in the long run.
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