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Richard Evonitz
Updated: 10/19/2020
Richard Evonitz
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The murders of Sofia Silva, Kati, and Kristen Lisk

Storyboard Text

  • Previous convict
  • guilty to 3 years probation
  • no contest!
  • First kidnapping and murder
  • there is a body in the water...
  • 2nd and 3rd kidnappings and murders
  • please don't hurt us!
  • be quiet!
  • Richard Evonitz, a honorably discharged Navy, has always had a fondness to young girls. In 1987, he exposed himself to a girl who was 15 in Florida. He was then arrested and plead for no contest. He was sentenced to 3 years of probation.
  • Fibers found on victim's bodies
  • evidencehairs and fibers
  • the fibers from each victim match!!
  • In 1996, he kidnapped 16 year old Sofia Silva in Spotsylvania County. He murdered her and her decomposed body was found 1 month after the abduction in a creek in King George County.
  • 4th girl, Kara Robinson escapes to police and reveals Evonitz' identity
  • Are you okay?!
  • In 1997, he also kidnapped two sisters, Kristen and Kati Lask in Spotsylvania County. He had brought all the girls to his apartment where he sexually assaulted each of them and then murdered them. Kristen and Kati's bodies were found in South Anna River 5 days after the murder.
  • Was surrounded by police and commit suicide
  • put the gun down and surrender
  • I will shoot!!
  • When the victim's body and clothing were examined, forensic scientists found 2 different colored fibers. Pink fibers on Sofia Silva's body and dark blue fibers that were on each of the victim's body. They also found hairs on their bodies
  • Richard Evonitz kidnaps a 4th girl, Kara Robinson from a yard in Columbia, South Carolina. He took her to his apartment where he tied her up and sexually assaulted her over and over again. Once Evonitz was asleep, she freed herself and told the cops his identity.
  • No! I have been kidnapped by Richard Evonitz!
  • Once the police knew Evonitz' identity, they surrounded him after chasing him down in Florida, which led to him shooting himself in the head. The police then searched both of his apartments in South Carolina and Spotsylvania where they found items that matched to the fibers they had found on the victims.' A pink rug which matched the pink fibers and a pair of fluffy handcuffs which matched the dark blue fibers as well. Hair found on the victims also matched Evonitz
  • we have you Evonitz!
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