Kids' book
Updated: 4/9/2021
Kids' book

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  • It all started with the Greeks who needed to grind their wheat. They had a plan to meet their needs with little effort. They used water and wood to crush their cops, they had now done it with ease. Less time, less strength it took them to make the wheat to grain; it was a new machine with crazy traits, it was insane.
  • Now jump to the 19th century, '82 to be exact; where a new man had a plan. We're talking about James Francis, and he too would purse the mission of using water and wood to make jobs easier to do. 
  • Then, on one lonely night, James had an idea. He was going to make a bulb glow very bright. With the power of water and wood, he'd make power, he was sure he could.
  • Dark and day had past away, he took no rest, he never laid. All hope seemed lost for he was full of exhaust.
  • Finally, he had done it. He stood oh so proud, for he'd created a new power with the water and wood; he felt oh so good.