J Warren Unit 2 Benchmark 1-Explorers: James Cook
Updated: 2/18/2020
J Warren Unit 2 Benchmark 1-Explorers: James Cook

Storyboard Text

  • Captain James Cook arrives. Hawaiian children are scared.
  • Cook and his crew are welcomed by Hawaiians.
  • Few Hawaiian children have been captured and taken by Cook and his men.
  • As Captain James Cook arrives to the island, the children on the island begin to feel afraid and start to run away as the ship comes closer. The parents tell the children to give the crew food, clothing and other items. Children run to their houses to try and fear from the men with the iron suits.
  • When the ship drops anchor, a few native adults run to the ship dock to greet Cook and his men. Children gift food and different items. Adults gifted him and his men bows and arrows because they believed he was a god. With huge, bulky suits they come out of the ship to look for items they couldn't find in Europe.
  • As Cook and his men leave the island, he snatches some of the children to take back with him as slaves. Parents that are watching this event take place are angry, sad, and furious at Cook for taking the children. As they all left, a rumor came to the island that the whole ship was killed in a shipwreck, but was not reality.