Great Gatsby
Updated: 3/16/2021
Great Gatsby

Storyboard Text

  • You two start on home, Daisy
  • Daisy is distressed and wants to go home, so Tom tells Gatsby and Daisy to head home
  • PLEASE, Tom! I can't stand this any more.
  • Gatsby and Daisy head home in Tom's car
  • Tom, its me!
  • Myrtle runs out of Wilson's shop because she believes that Tom is here for her, but she gets hit by Daisy
  • AHHHH!!!
  • Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Nick Carraway all head home and they stop to see a crash on the way
  • That's good. Wilson'll have a little businessat last
  • Wreck!
  • Tom, Jordan, and Nick go inside to investigate what is going on. People inside Wilson's shop seem to be in a state of anguish
  • There's some bad trouble here
  • Myrtle's cold dead body is laying in the shop while Tom is shocked and the public continues to murmur