Ghost of the Lagoon storyboard

Updated: 3/19/2021
Ghost of the Lagoon storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • In Bora Bora, a Boy named Mako found out that a shark killed all the fish, and 3 fisherman.
  • Climax
  • Character vs. Nature- Mako kills Tupa to protect Afa
  • Falling Action
  • After his mom told him about the Tupa, and when he killed his father he want revenge. Mako start practicing spearing on a white coral, getting ready to kill the shark. Tupa starts to circle the boat, and Mako gets scared.
  • Resolution
  • Afa falls out of the boat, Mako goes after the shark to save Afa from Tupa.
  • Mako has to bring the shark back to the shore. The villagers get excited, because Tupa is dead.
  • Mako gets honored and rewarded.