Updated: 2/5/2021

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  • Fear
  • I don't think this is a good idea...
  • Guilt
  • Sacrcife
  • When Parvana and Shauzia First arrived, Parvana got fearful but not as much as Shauzia. So they started digging up bones for extra money.
  • Hope
  • Parvana and Shauzia would start selling the bones. And earning money, everyday they would start selling the bones. Shauzia was beginning to be to care more about the money than about digging up the bones.
  • Guiltily-Parvana's Point of view
  • Parvana, and Shauzia is on a daily routine digging up, Bones. Mr. Skull Smiling.
  • Glad- Shauzia's Point of view
  • Having Hope- for the future and Hopeful. Looking at the future in a positive way. "As rich old ladies".
  • When we are rich old ladies... We will talk about this day.
  • After Another Day of digging up bones. Parvana had second thoughts about digging up those bone. Question Like what if "our ancestors didn't want us to dig up their bones"
  • Shauzia is glad, and has no regret digging up bones. Cares more about the money than digging up bones.