The Knight's Tale - The Canterbury Tales
Updated: 1/18/2021
The Knight's Tale - The Canterbury Tales

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Eng Lit Assignment

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  • Theseus, Duke of Athens, returns home from a conquest with wife, Hippolyta and her sister Emelye.
  • This angers Theseus, so he sets of for the Thebes.
  • He comes upon a crowd of grieving woman.
  • Our husbands have been slain by Lord Creon of Thebes and we can't retrieve their bodies
  • Theseus kill Lord Creon, captures the city and return the remains of the slain husbands to the wives.
  • He also kidnaps two knights Palamon and Arcite, who are cousins and sworn brothers, and puts them in his prison.
  • Palamon and Arcite both see Emelye through the bars of the cell and instantly fall in love
  • They argue about who saw her first but finally come to realize none of them would have a chance at winning her heart as they were stuck in a cell.
  • He can be released from my prison BUT he must never return to Arthens again!
  • A mutual friend of Arcite and Theseus, Perotheus comes to bail Arcite out of jail. Theseus allows this but under some strict conditions.
  • Arcite is released and returns to Thebes. But both knights have some inner thoughts.
  • I wish I could get out of here too... but what if he comes back and lays seige to Arthens then takes Emelye by force?
  • Now I won't get to see Emelye anymore...but he gets too.