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Updated: 9/8/2021
Eshani's Health Storyboard

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  • someone_u_know: omg niceeee
  • A_Friend: also ty to my friends @A_FriendsFriend and @thatonegirlxx for letting me post the pic w/ them
  • facestagram
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  • at starbucks with some friends to try out the new giant latte! tastes delicious ;)
  • Oh my gosh, that looks like fun! I really want to try that latte...!
  • ...and they knew that! Why didn't they invite me?
  • You know what? It's fine. They knew I was busy and at least they had a good time. I have other places to be right now...
  • someone_u_know: @TheHumbleTroll shushushushuh
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  • someone_u_know: omg niceeee
  • theprotagonist: wow guys! hope you had fun! see you next time
  • TheHumbleTroll: boo this is bad >:( this is how you write a hate comment right?