SSR Starting 10/3
Updated: 1/3/2019
SSR Starting 10/3
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  • Wednesday 10/3: Hidden by Helen Frost
  • C'mon! Start!...
  • Thursday 10/4: Hidden by Helen Frost
  • Friday 10/5: Hidden by Helen Frost
  • A little girl was waiting on her mom to come out if the gas station when she heard a gunshot. She hid in the back of the car when she heard the door open but it wasn't her mom... They smelled like smoke and she heard a mans voice.
  • Monday 10/ 8: Hidden by Helen Frost
  • The man took the van home hiding it in his garage not know Wren (the little girl) was inside. She was trying to be very quiet because she knew he had a gun and didn't know what was going to happen.
  • Tuesday 10/9: Hidden by Helen Frost
  • Wren decided to hide inside of the boat that was in the garage nobody was in the garage. She had no water to drink and only one granola bar.
  • Wednesday 10/10: Hidden by Helen Frost
  • The people who owned the house had a cat that wondered into the garage. Wren noticed that it was eating and she was very hungry so Wren ate some of the cats food.
  • Since Wren was posted all over the news about a little girl missing the family had some suspicions that she might have been in the car when he pulled off. Darra, the daughter of the man who took Wren thought she might be in the garage. (which she was) So she left out some food and water.
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