And Then There Were None
Updated: 5/26/2020
And Then There Were None

Storyboard Text

  • Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard go down to the rocks by the ocean, where they are met with the gruesome sight of the deformed body of Doctor Armstrong!
  • Doctor Armstrong!!
  • At any rate let's get him out of the reach of the sea.
  • We must move him. Carry him up to the house.
  • To join the other victims, I suppose? All neat and tidy. As far as I'm concerned he can stay where he is.
  • (Laughs) If you like.
  • Vera and Lombard carry Doctor Armstrong's body up to the house. But as they do so, Vera shifts her weight and leans into Lombard.
  • (Laughs to herself)
  • Give me that revolver. Come on hand it over!
  • But little did Philip know, that the reason that Vera had leaned into him was to steal his revolver!
  • And so Vera shot him, not out of anger or personal hatred towards Lombard, but because it was a matter of her own survival.
  • Then, Vera went inside, leaving the bodies of the two men on the front lawn, and hung herself.