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Updated: 3/28/2019
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  • European Influences
  • I think the best way for our Constitution to work is to use what other successful countries are.
  • Federalism
  • Without Federalism, it would be very hard to have the same laws for New York and Kansas since they're completely different environments.
  • Government Branches
  • Yeah, but it's only one part of the goverment
  • Woah the White House is pretty cool!
  • Europeans influenced many parts of the American government, for example in the Constitution many of the things came from European political institutions and writers. Another thing that influenced them was the Magna Carta.
  • Checks and Balances
  • Federalism is the sharing of power between the federal and state governments. It made it to where the Federal Government made important laws that should be used everywhere, then let the state add new laws to make adjustments.
  • Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist
  • A Constitution is BEST! Without one we'll sufer!
  • There are 3 government branches, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. The Legislative branch makes the laws. The next branch, Executive, job is to enforce the laws. The last branch is Judicial, what that branch does is interpret the laws.
  • Amendment Process
  • Checks and Balances are a way of making sure one branch doesn't gain power over all the others. There are many ways for the branches to check on each other, one example is the president vetoing a new law, or rejecting it.
  • Without Checks and Balances, the government would become completely unbalanced
  • A Federalist is somebody who supports the constitution. An Anti-Federalist is somebody who opposes it. Federalists thought the constitution was far because it divided powers between the federal government and the states. Anti-Federalists opposed because they thought the Constitution is not guaranteeing= their individual rights.
  • An amendment is when an idea to change or add to the Bill of Rights is proposed. There have been 27 amendments currently. First, the amendment has to be proposed which can happen in two ways, by a 2/3 vote by both houses of Congress, or by 2/3 vote of the national convention. Then it has to be ratified which can happen by 3/4 of the state legislatures, or 3/4 of special state conventions.
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