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Updated: 12/2/2020
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  • Tommy being creative is not for everyone. It is perfectly normal.
  • The children of Hailsham are fed bits a pieces about their lives to prepare them for their future.
  • You may have considered it before, but Tommy has no romantic feelings towards you in any way, shape, or form.
  • Maybe I should begin my training...
  • Creativity is an attribute that is deemed important for all children to express. Some struggle more with it than others.
  • I've heard Ruth's not doing well with her donations and carers.
  • Maybe I should become Ruth's carer.
  • Once the children are old enough they move on to a new stage of their lives away from Hailsham called the Cottages. More responsibilities and freedoms are given here.
  • This is so cool!
  • Can we leave now, I have seen enough.
  • While at the Cottages, the children grow as people and develop their true character. They decide for themselves when they feel the time is right to begin their training to pursue the entitlement of a carer.
  • Carer's lives consist of constant busy. Many are overwhelmed and struggle with the emotions associated with the job. The concept of Hailsham closing arises some repressed feelings Kathy has in regards to her past.
  • Kathy takes on Ruth as her donor. The three friends reunite after not seeing each other for years. Tommy has recovered well from his donations, Ruth is not in her best shape.