Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • Chapter 2: Esmeralda
  • Scene 1
  • The Place de Gréve was crowded with people, all watching Esmeralda, a young gypsy girl who was dancing in the middle of the square.
  • Esmeralda!!
  • Esmeralda!!
  • Scene 2
  • In the middle of the crowd, an older, bald man stood and watched Esmeralda. He was dressed in the clothes of a priest and he didn´t seem to be happy with her performance.
  • There is witchcraft here! This gypsy woman is a witch.
  • "Is that strange man again" Who is he?
  • Scene 3
  • Immediately after this, a woman came forward into the square. Her face was angry and full of malice. This voice belonged to Paquette, a recluse. She always shouted at Esmeralda and cursed her.
  • Go away, gypsy woman!
  • At that moment...
  • Scene 4
  • The ten men carrying Quasimodo on his chair arrived. Suddenly, the priest who had frightened Esmeralda ran to Quasimodo´s chair. He pulled the crown from the hunchback´s head. The priest made a sign for Quasimodo to come with him and beganto walk away.
  • Later that same evening...
  • Scene 5
  • Esmeralda was walking along a quiet street, followed by her goat. Suddenly, two men jumped out of the shadows, Quasimodo and another man dressed in black. Quasimodo picked up Esmeralda, put her over his shoulder and ran away with her, followed by the man in black.
  • Help!!
  • Scene 6
  • Then, from a neighbouring street, there was the sound of horses and a group of soldiers appeared on horseback. They rode up to Quasimodo, took Esmeralda from him, and put her on Captain Phoebus´ horse. The soldiers surrounded Quasimodo and saved Esmeralda.
  • I´m Captain Phoebus
  • Thank you for saving me, Captain
  • What is your name?