module 4 lesson 1 assignment 2
Updated: 2/13/2021
module 4 lesson 1 assignment 2

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Doctor Royale, could you tell me a little about the effect of age on muscles?
  • The direct causes that have effects on this disease would be hormonal regulation, decreased number of muscle stem cells, and mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Why yes Mattie. As you get older there is a loss of muscle mass, this can result in a diminish of function.
  • What are some symptoms and possible treatment of this disease doc?
  • Possible treatment for this disease would be exercise, exercise can help you gain back your muscle mass by increasing strength and endurance.
  • Some symptoms of this disease also known as Sarcopenia would be weakness, a loss of stamina, and a change in posture.
  • How would you say this disorder represents a malfunction of the muscular system?
  • Thanks for meeting with me. See you again soon!!
  • This disorder represents a malfunction of the nervous system because is a type of muscle weakening disease that can affect your quality of life and antagonistic muscles like the biceps and triceps due to the decline of muscle tissue.
  • Anytime. See you again for your next monthly check up/