Remote work

Updated: 6/15/2021
Remote work

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meet HR BP to explore remote work

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  • Hi Jessy, long time no see, thx for your time !
  • Hi Christian, Long time no see, let's go grab a coffee at the canteen
  • My father in law passed away 2 months ago just after retiring and this has been a shock for my partner and I...we want to enjoy is not a problem but we want a different work style...travelling while working
  • I didn't know Chris, sorry for you and your partner, this is tough! I understand...
  • wow...workforce of the future...
  • our HR department did spend a lot of time developing a new contract to enable remote work and as you know i took over the position of workforce of the future BP. let me tell you why this could be a great fit for you!
  • that looks interesting but our plan was to travel to Asia, so 4 pm would be in the night...
  • Our new contract of employment will allow our talents like you to work almost from anywhere...we just ask you to log onto the system between 10 and 4pm.
  • those aspects are precisely why we were thinking about working as freelancers. everything is easier then...and how will you manage me?
  • I know this doesn't cover yet all places around the world but it is a start. the only change for you would be that you will need to manage yourself your family health insurance and taxes. We are not resourced to take care of that yet...i think it is a great start!
  • oh yes sorry, i forgot to tell you but we will track hours and will develop a BOT so that you can raise questions...
  • Thank you so much Jessy, I've always appreciated your support...I'll need to talk to my partner...take care
  • well Christian, it was really nice talking to you! I really hope that you'll be one of our first movers. This is a unique opportunity