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Khatipova Chapter 3 Cartoon
Updated: 10/21/2020
Khatipova Chapter 3 Cartoon
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  • Paleolithic vs. Neolithic
  • The weather is nice today
  • Agriculture
  • I cant wait to eat these crops
  • Permanent Shelters
  • Whats for dinner?
  • Seriously!!!
  • The main similar thing between Paleolithic and Neolithic is that they both ate the same things.And they made different resources.
  • Communities
  • Our neighbors are so nice.
  • In Neolithic times people learned how to grow and harvest crops and domesticate animals.This is significant because it changed their life because before they had problems with food stock and at this time they don't cause they know how to get food.
  • Jobs
  • I don't like to work!!!
  • Then we won't have food!!!
  • Ill give you this for the chicken
  • In Paleolithic times people lived in caves and tent like little buildings.And in the Neolithic times people lived in permanent houses .This is important because it changed their lives cause they didn't have to move from one place to another anymore.
  • Trade
  • Very bad trade!!!
  • In Neolithic times people lived in large communities.This information is important because now its easier for people to do stuff cause they live in communities with a lot of people.
  • In Paleolithic Times peoples jobs were to find food and make tools, and trade and farm.And In Neolithic people were House builders and Stone Makers.This is important because people became better and better with more practice.
  • People traded a lot because they needed materials.And also the popular items they traded were flint,obsidian, and hematite.This is important because it helped people get the materials they needed.
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