Science EM Comic
Updated: 12/1/2020
Science EM Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Discovery
  • Radio Waves do EXIST!
  • Uses
  • Impact
  • In the late 1880s, Heinrich Hertz proved the existence of radio waves using a spark gap attached to an induction coil and a separate spark gap on a receiving antenna. Radio waves are known to have the longest wavelength in the Electromagnetic Spectrum which also means they have to lowest frequency. Radio Waves also have very high amplitudes so the waves energy is very powerful.
  • The primary use for radio waves are in communication technologies, such as television, mobile phones, and radios. These technologies receive radio waves and turn them into mechanical energy in motion. Which then the movements create sound waves that emit from the speaker.
  • Radio Waves are helpful to life on Earth. Radio waves are commonly used in modern technology such as TVs, phones, and radios, for human enjoyment. The devices mentioned and others that use Radio Waves are used a lot in the normal day on Earth. Without TVs how would we keep up with the news or weather? Not to mention we can watch videos on our phones for entertainment when we are sad, bored, happy, etc. Finally, radios help make short trips to a gas station or long road trips fun and enjoyable.
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