Updated: 1/12/2020
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  • My dog ​​Jake and I were walking on the beach.
  • hav hav hav
  • HEY!Can you look at me?Who are you?
  • Nice too meet you Eda.My name is Burak.
  • Hello. My name is Eda.
  • Burak was tired of his job.Burak's Works was not going well.Burak wanted to relax.Burak and his dog Jack went for a walk to the beach.Burak's dog was very happy to see the sea.
  • Welcome to my house Eda.
  • Thank you, you are so kind.
  • Burak's dog suddenly ran because Burak's dog had seen someone.Burak looked where his dog was running.Burak saw a beautiful girl with dark hair.And Burak yelled the girl.The girl looked at Burak and smiled to Burak.Burak responded and smiled.
  • Burak went to next to the girl.She smiled at Burak and said her name.Burak and Eda started chatting.Burak was very happy meet to Eda.Burak had forgotten all his troubles.Burak invited Eda to his house for dinner.Eda accepted the invitation.
  • Will you marry me?
  • Yes I will marry you.
  • Burak and Eda came home.Burak's mother Ayşe welcomed them.Burak introduced Eda to his mother.Burak's mother was very happy to see Eda.Then they all went to the kitchen together.And they had dinner together.
  • Eda left home after dinner.After Eda left the house, Burak and his mother started talking.His mother told Burak that he liked Eda very much.After talking to her mother he decided to marry Eda.
  • Burak and Eda talked for a long time.Burak called Eda to the beach.Burak proposed marriage.Eda accepted the propose marriage.Burak was very happy and forgot all his troubles.
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