Ancient Greece

Updated: 5/26/2020
Ancient Greece

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  • Hi there, modern world! Welcome to Ancient Greece- it started around 1100 BCE.
  • And it was located in southeast Europe, by the Mediterranean Sea. Greece was divided into city-states.
  • The Greeks were Polytheistic. This means that they worshipped more than one god!
  • If we don't worship them they will get mad at us and make our lives miserable.
  •  They worshipped the gods by making sacrifices, performing ceremonies, and doing traditional rituals. The priests would represent and talk to the gods.
  • Some people in Ancient Greece had barely any rights, or no rights at all!
  • The higher class was the rich citizens born and raised in Athens. They had a lot of rights and freedom.
  • Yes, these were the slaves. It was all because of the social hierarchies. The slaves and the lower class had almost no rights, but the middle class had some.
  • Laws in Ancient Greece were very harsh, some were even considered unfair!
  • The people in the assembly decided what would happen with the person who broke the law. If the majority of the assembly voted so, a citizen could be banished form their city-state for up to 10 years!
  • In Ancient Greece, the father was the man of the house. They did not eat with the rest of their family, they ate with their friends. Also almost every family had a slave!
  • Women weren't allowed to leave the house without a man or a slave. They just stayed home and did the housework. Most girls got married by the age of 13. Also only boys could go to school.
  • Did you know that the Ancient Greeks started the Olympics in 776 BCE?
  • Wow! really? They were also the first to perform theater, and were very advanced in math and science!