Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • Why can't I do this, Why can't I do that??
  • Why can't the app just recommend me songs based on what I have in my library?
  • And why can't I set the equalizer of my song??
  • Why can't apps just learn from each other and implement the features found in other app? Is it so hard to make an app that has everything a music player could ever have??
  • Hey, I just read your post. There is an app that has all the features that one could ever ask for. It is called "Jingle"
  • hm? I will check it out
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  • This is quite good. It recommends me similar songs to my library.
  • They even have an equalizer feature too.Wow I really like the sound after adjusting.
  • This is the best music app I have ever came across. It has all the features in one app.