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Smelly feet storyboard
Updated: 9/23/2019
Smelly feet storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • characters: Berin ,and Old Shellysetting:time period of three months,school,home,and beachconflict:has smelly feet,and bullies are trying to hurt old Shelly
  • Climax: Berin gets his socks from his pocket and knocks out the bullies.
  • I'm going to visit Old Shelly because my feet are to smelly for the house.
  • falling action and resolution:old Shelly was digging away from the bullies and she was saved by Berin.
  • Rising Action: Berin can't get out of class to save Old Shelly.
  • I need to save Old Shelly!
  • Don't get in our way!
  • the theme:be proud of your differences.
  • Rising Action: Berin face's up to the bullies without smelly feet.
  • we are gonna eat that turtle!
  • YEAAAH! I did it i saved Old Shelly!
  • Its okay there gone now i will make sure your fine.
  • I am proud that i have smelly feet because i can use it for good.
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