History Comic Strip
Updated: 2/10/2020
History Comic Strip
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  • Heading to Work
  • Timmy get up you're gonna be late.
  • Hard Work
  • There's too many heavy boxes to carry. We'll never be able to finish this before lunch.
  • He only pays me 10 cents an hour.
  • I'm so tired.
  • Hey!! I pay you too much for you to take a break. Hurry up with those boxes! We don't have all day.
  • Getting Punished
  • You have to work for free for me today because you were late!
  • Six year old Timmy doesn't get out of bed. His eleven your old sister Samantha tries to wake him up. She leaves for work without Timmy because she doesn't want get in trouble.
  • Poor Working Conditions
  • Samantha gets to work a few minutes late. Her and another girl named Carly, had to bring boxes into the factory as a punishment. Factory workers were overworked and underpaid. Sometimes they weren't treated right.
  • 14 Hour Work Day
  • Everbody, listen up! No one goes home today. Everyone has to stay overnight to keep the machines going.
  • Timmy finally arrives. He is awfully late. He gets hit with a cane by the boss.
  • The Factory Act of 1833
  • Hey, Timmy! Carly told me that there is going to be a Factory Act. You won't have to work anymore and I would only have to work for 8 hours!
  • After hours later, Samantha and Carly eventually finished putting the boxes away. Samantha went inside with the others and started spinning. While she was spinning, a piece of the machine broke off. She cut her hand open trying to fix it. She didn't get paid for getting hurt and she didn't even get any aid for her cut.
  • Ouch!
  • Aw! That hurt.
  • Timmy and the other kids were forced to stay over night because their boss needed them to keep the machines running.
  • I've been working for the last six days.
  • I want to go home.
  • During dinner, Samantha tells Timmy some exciting news. She finds out about the 1833 Factory Act: It is illegal to hire children under 9 years old.9-12 year olds can not work more than 8 hours a day.13-17 year olds can not work more than 12 hours.
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