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Updated: 10/9/2020
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  • 509 B.C.E.-14 C.E.)
  • The Expansion of Rome
  • Gauls destroyed the capital city, and they forced us to be soldiers! They made us go into wars for more then 200 years!.
  • First Period of Expansion 509-264 B.C.E
  • We got more soldiers and taxes from the places we conquered!
  • During 509-264 B.C.E., We conquered our old rulers, the Etruscans, our latin neighbors, and took over the entire Italian peninsula!
  • We had more slaves, more land was conquered, And got more ideas from the Greeks. As well as also becoming richer.
  • We fought in the Three Punic Wars against the Carthaginians!
  • We conquered North Africa, most of Spain, the island of Sicily, Greece, and Macedonia!
  • Second Period of Expansion 264-246 B.C.E
  • Our farms were taken away or destroyed, and many people forced to fight died!
  • We lost our jobs and had high taxes, not to mention there was so many wars! Many regular people fought these wars and ended up losing there jobs to slaves too!
  • Third Period of Expansion 145-44 B.C.E
  • Julius Caesar did start a project that helped give work to thousands of Romans by creating new roads and public buildings.
  • Throughout 145-44B.C.E, we conquered the entire Mediterranean! Took control of Asia Minor, Egypt, Syria, much of Gaul.
  • Didn't Antony and Cleopatra get chased out to Egypt, where they killed themselves?
  • The Civil War lasted for 10 years, causing our Republic to end!
  • Fourth Period of Expansion 44 B.C.E-14 C.E
  • Caesar Augustus did encourage art, literature, and our education.
  • The Pax Romana was a time of peace for us Romans, which lasted for 200 years.
  • Throughout 44B.C.E-14C.E, We pushed borders of the empire all way to natural boundaries, and conquered land from the island of Britain to the Black Sea.
  • Alexa AmadorXavier(Not enough space for everything.)
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