gravitational Comic Strip
Updated: 6/17/2020
gravitational Comic Strip
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  • Wow! We just jumped out of a hijacked plane. I can cross that one off my bucket list. Wait. Why are we falling to the ground so quickly like this Jacqui?
  • It is because of the force of gravity Kyle.
  • I'll explain once we land. Now pull your parachute and lay in an eagle positions on your stomach so we can take advantage of air friction to fight against the force of gravity.
  • But, what is the force of gravity?
  • That was the scariest experience of my life. Moving on, gravity is the force between two objects that pulls them towards each other. On Earth, gravity pulls objects towards its surface, so that's why we were falling so quickly to the ground. 
  • Oh that makes more sense. But wait what is air friction and why does it fight against gravity?
  • Air friction is also called air resistance. Air friction is the force that fights against moving objects and makes them move slower. The greater the speed at which an object is moving, the more that air friction fights against it. So, when we were falling from the plane, air friction slowed us down and fought against gravity by slowing down our trip to the ground.
  • That makes a lot of sense. Thank the lord you're so smart. Now let's figure out what to do.
  • Well I did bring my compass, it is in my pocket because you know how I'm always prepared for being lost because I'm clueless. The way the compass works is that the north end of the compass magnet points to Earth's Northern magnetic pole which are similar to our regular poles. It works this way because the Earth is a huge magnet and the compass uses the force of magnetism to point to Earth's magnetic Northern Pole. So, using this, we can find our way home.
  • So I guess we have to walk home now... How do we know which way to go? I know the plane was headed in the north direction thanks to the pilot, but how do we know which way is North?
  • SHHH! We can sneak up on that hen and shoot it with the bow and arrow over there. I know this works by using the elastic force.
  • kyle, this traveling is really making me hungry. Got any ideas on how to get food?
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