Annabelle's Athens/Sparta Storyboard
Updated: 3/31/2021
Annabelle's Athens/Sparta Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Athens Childhood
  • Time to start your household chores
  • How was school? When do you start your military drills?
  • Athens Economy
  • Here is your olive oil and pottery for the iron.
  • Athens Military
  • In Athens the girls would stay home with their mothers to learn house hold duties. The boys would go to school, do military drills, play with friends, and exercise. The boys became citizens at age 18.
  • Sparta Childhood
  • Copy what i'm doing!
  • They trade for some of their resources, they trade their olive oil,olives,wine,silver, and pottery. Athens then would mostly get timber,slaves,corn,oil, and tin. For money in Athens they used small silver coins.
  • Sparta Economy
  • In Athens at 18 the men would start their 2 years of service at war. Athens was know for the best Navy in Greece. They sailed for transportation in the Navy. For weapons they used heavy shields, spears,swords,and bow and arrows.
  • Sparta Military
  • Sparta boys learned military drills, exercised, and hunted and killed slaves. Girls also learned some military drills, other than that they did household duties and athletic competitions.
  • In Sparta they used slaves for farming. They also didn't like trading with foreigners. All the noncitizens crafted supplies for Sparta like weapons and clothing. For money Sparta used Iron bars, to make it harder to steal from them.
  • Sparta was known for having the best army in Greece. They used spears and iron knives to fight. At age 20 the men would take a test of strength,leadership, and military to become a soldier. They were soldiers until 30 years old.