Rainforest Comic
Updated: 12/24/2020
Rainforest Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! These rainforests are super cool, right?!
  • They really are! So many different plants and animals live here.
  • Yeah! We even use some of the plants here in medicine.
  • Some of the animals help us too!
  • Definitely! Some frogs, like this one, are used to make anesthetics.
  • That's so cool, and frogs aren't even the only rainforest animals that help us...
  • Wow! The rainforest gives us so much.
  • Other animals like this monkey give us a vaccine for polio.
  • We rely on rainforests for so much, but we're still destroying them and deforestation is still happening.
  • What's that?
  • Deforestation is when we cut down too many trees and destroy rainforests. However, they can be somewhat helped by reforestation, or replanting forests.
  • We have to help keep rainforests alive!
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