My quarantine life...
Updated: 6/2/2020
My quarantine life...

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  • Mariella's quarantine life is pretty chill. Just a lot of hw. In her free time she reads, as you can see!
  • Emilia watches TV a lot. But she still has some homework hereand there.
  • Lulu (our cat) however is probably happier that we are here, so we can give her more attention!
  • My Dad works pretty much all day. The good thing is that hecan do it from home. When he isn't working he helps out with the family. He's a great Dad!
  • Subject: Work stuff
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  • My Mom does the meals, cooks, cleans, and feeds a baby. Sheis an at-home mom. She is a great mom!
  • As for Oliver, my brother. He spits up, poops, pees, eats, andis adorable. He has a chill life!