Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Travelling on the bus to school. Some students are texting each other to not let steve sit down.
  • Heh, don't let him sit down!!
  • LOL..Ok!!
  • The steve receives a text message. Many students on the bus realse what is going on and feel uncomfortable but they don't say anything.
  • Those boys are being so mean.
  • If I say something then they might turn on me
  • Hold on tight..ha..ha...LOL!
  • Later that afternoon the steve goes home feeling upset by the way the other students treated him.
  • I hate school! I wish I didn't have to go!
  • Steve's parents are worried. He spends a lot more time in his room than he used to and something is obviously bothering him. He hasn't had any friends over in weeks and normally Science is his best subject.
  • Steve, is everything ok?
  • Your teacher called and said you have been distracted in class and you failed your Science test.
  • Later in his room, Steve is worried. He knows he did bad on his test but he hadn't been paying attention in class and couldn't revise as he kept re reading the messages on his phone
  • Maybe I should say something to my parents
  • I can't say anything what can they do anyway
  • Steve's decides to speak to his dad and tell him everything that has been going on. His dad listens. He suggest they take screenshots of all the messages and posts and speak to his Science teacher. His dad offers to drive him to school in future and suggests they get him a new phone number.
  • Sure son, lets go for a walk and you can tell me.
  • Dad, can I talk to you about whats really been going on.