Unknown Story

Updated: 9/10/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • before the planet earth was destroyed the great philosopher had predicted it and to save the human race from extincting
  • but going to that planet would need at least 50 years and hence only one crew members and passenger were awake and the rest would stay asleep until reached the destinatiion
  • travel spaceships were made to take the civilization to a new planet, a new home for the passengers
  • after 15 years
  • ..
  • My computer is not working properly due to which our communication with the other starships has disconnected.
  • hello welcome to the starship customer care.how may i help you?
  • Sorry for the inconvenience but our none of our tech crew members are awake.
  • ok thank you
  • but you can fix it with the help of robo. he is ouur knowledge guide.
  • hello, im robo please take with me to your computer
  • analyzing computer, problem detected, analyzing a way to solve the problem
  • this is my computer.
  • miss your computers ac generator is destroyed due to Harmonic voltages caused by non-linear loads like variable speed drives. the harmonics are not drawn in a smooth manner which results in additional frequencies which reflect back and hence destroying the ac generator
  • what is the problem in the computer?